A signal indicating the exporting process

When I am going to export a work, there is no sign that it is saving the video and this confuses me. There should be a recording indicator or message that says: “The file is being saved, please wait”

Please see:

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Look to the right as you export, you’ll see this:


Green checkbox letting you know it’s done.

Perhaps provide a screenshot showing your screen when you’re exporting.

Many Thanks.

After you start an export, the things mentioned above are done automatically by Shotcut: the panel is opened if closed or brought to the foreground if in a background tab.

Speaking of which, Dan, would it be too much work to add to Shotcut a progress meter for the icon that is on the taskbar? That way you can have the export process run in the background and only have to check it by scrolling the mouse down and seeing the meter reflected in the icon rather than having to scroll the mouse down and click on the icon to go into Shotcut to see the progress in the program itself. :slight_smile:

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Usually when I render, I just leave my computer alone, and do something else. But if I was to keep surfing the web, I could just do this.

For me personally, I don’t see the need for anything else. And I would find any popups or sounds just annoying.

Well, I wasn’t asking for any popups or sounds. Just if a progress meter on the taskbar icon could be added. :slight_smile:

Yes, but not in a cross-platform way, and not trivial effort such that it is low priority (good idea for open source contribution).