A short video for my sons new shop

The video was a screen capture on a Samsung S10, using the built in screen recorder.
I used the free voice over feature at https://www.voicebooking.com/en/free-voice-over-generator/ as suggested by someone in this forum.
I initially went for the blur pad filter, but my son preferred using his existing background.

(I am not on commission, but don’t want to see him starve).


That turned out great. I kind of put a project on ice because I was not sure I’d like the computer generated voice aspect. But it’s not bad at all.

Did you use the download option of the site ? That was another thing I didn’t like at first, having the translation emailed at me. But I found a workaround for that: I launch Audacity, start recording, then go press the Play button in the Voicebooking window. Go back to Audacity, stop recording, trim the silences at each end and save as an mp3.

When I first tried it, I used it for the voice prompts on the phone system for a charity I look after.
I used the email option.
A few minutes later and you are emailed the link to download the recording.
I have had an occasional sales email from them - which was to be expected.

The playback option doesn’t play the whole message, just a sample. So for my first attempt I split the message up into smaller sections.
Then realised the email link downloads the whole message.

The voices sounds close to real ones - close enough for my use. Much better than the google translate ones I used in the past.

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That’s nice. I’ll try the email option if I ever go back to that project. Thank you.

Wow, to my ears that voice is of amazing quality, especially considering it was free. I believe it was @ejmillan who alerted us to voicebooking.com. Quite a find!

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:wink: :arrow_down:

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Rendons à César ce qui appartient à César :wink:

Oh my goodness @MusicalBox, I owe you a huge apology!! I really should have checked before I posted that!! Sorry!
@namna, exactly!

No harm done @jonray. I wasn’t even sure about it myself :grin:

I deliberately didn’t mention who first shared about voicebooking, because I couldn’t remember. :thinking:
Next time I will open another window and do a search. :bulb:

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