A Shake Effect would be cool

Hello, I think an effect that shakes the source in X Y and tilt, (example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pebbB475Nas ) would be pretty cool and very useful. Also, parameters (like that in the example) that change the speed, amount and randomness of the shake is also something to think about. That’s all I have to suggest. also, I’ve been using Shotcut for quite awhile and I absolutely love it. keep up the amazing work


How common would it be to want to de-stabilize video?.
Seems ridiculous to me. :smiley:

Agreed. I don’t think such effects are trivial to program though.

There appears to be already a way to add a little bit of shake:

There is a way to use the stabilization data of a shaky video to falsely stabilize another video. Here’s how to do it in Kdenlive:

It’s probably a similar process in Shotcut.
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Most people want to De-Stabilize a video to add rage emotion to a clip. Works well with see through red too.


The Stabilize filter asks you to save a .stab file. After making a stab for clip A, adding the Stabilize filter to clip B and click Analyze to create a .stab file for it. Save the .mlt project. Open the .mlt file in a text editor and search for the .stab filename. Simply change the filename to the one used from clip A. Save and reload the project in Shotcut.
Maybe someday we can use this approach to generate random data in .stab file to make it easier.

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Please make a shake effect

It’s easy enough to create your own shake effect.


Please open your XML and find the keyframes for the transition.rect property and share them here. I will make a preset in the Size and Position filter from them. Also, if you can make a screenshot of the Keyframes panel with the filter selected, it will help others to create something manually in the meantime.

Here’s the XML.

Shakin.mlt (27.0 KB)

I used the text filter’s advanced keyframes.


@sauron used the Text filter. I suspect a lot of people want to shake an image or video using the Size and Position filter. Here is my screenshot showing that with the player zoomed out to 25% so you can see how I scaled the image to 115% 1920x1080 => 2208x1242. You could also do it unscaled if you do not mind or actually want black edges edges showing.

A preset for the Size and Position filter is included with v18.09.

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The now available shake effect is pretty cool! So far there’s only a 1 second preset but you can use it continuously. Here’s a video tutorial.


Awesome tutorial @qubodup ! The shake effect is perfect for the context. Good work :grinning::grinning::+1:

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