"A Ray of Hope" - a demo music video with colour-changing text and filter-sets

I just composed a piece for flute called “A Ray of Hope”.
Here is a demo of the video I will be posting on YouTube when it’s finished.

I’m using the brilliant text-colour keyframes feature (and the text-opacity feature) introduced in the current 23.11 BETA, in conjunction with the “filter-sets” feature.

Each text block is created using one text clip.
If anyone’s interested I can post the filter set files for templates for users to explore. Please let me know if you’d like to have them.
BTW The font I used was Segoe UI Black.

I’ve thanked @shotcut and @brian for these text improvements, but I’d like to thank them again. It’s opened up lots of creative possibilities for me.


Thank you @Jonray for this RAY of hope. We really need it.
Merci JonRAY pour ce RAYON d’espoir. Nous en avons bien besoin.

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