A question about advanced export settings

Hi there, just one little question for the experts: :question: Is it possible to save personal changes in the advanced export settings as standard? If yes - how? If no - maybe very soon?

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You can make changes to any of the standard presets. Then save that as a custom preset.


Click the + button. Give the preset a name.


@sauron Thank you for the quick response. :+1: Unfortunately it’s not a useful solution for my “problem”, because this saves ALL settings, including (for example) the video size. So I had to make custom presets for every size which I am working with… and that would be much more elaborate than before. I actually only need two small changes regarding the standard quality of video and audio, which I would like to preset, so I don’t have to enter them again and again.

Using V 20.07.11.
As far as I know, any custom export preset that you make will use the resolution of your project for the export.


I know, I know… of course. But imagine my projects as collections of many little pieces. These pieces will be edit one on one, and every of them has own size, format and resolution. So I have to export them all after the first works for bringing them together in a project finally. And everytime I start working, I have to change export settings. It’s not easy to keep this in mind anytime (And forgetting it only once means the whole project will be useless…). So it would be a better way to change audio and video quality settings (And only these!) once for all time.

That is not true unless you changed these values in Export whether by preset or not. In any case, the solution is given on the save preset dialog box if you read it:

removing items you do not want included

That text area with the all the name=value lines is editable. Be careful.

@shotcut Thank you for this hint. Meanwhile I’ve noticed that too … (Note for myself: Next time testing FIRST, THEN posting.) :flushed:
But: This discussion nevertheless leads in a wrong direction… Because even if I create a preset, the main “problem” still persists, cause this preset doesn’t load automatically whenever I start the program. So indeed I don’t need to change the settings any longer, but now everytime I have to change the standard export settings into the user defined ones. In addition, by using the user defined settings the default mp4 setting at saving changes into “all files (∗.∗)” (don’t know why, but it is), so now I have also to enter the .mp4 ending. In fact: Instead of two entries less, I would just replacing them with two others.
So better let’s go back to the starting point: The only thing for an easier export would be the possibility to change the standard settings permanent, which will be loaded whenever the program starts. Or the program would be able to save the last settings. Ain’t that so? :thinking:

This is very unlikely to ever happen because too many people will create bad export settings and then be stuck with them until consulting support help (or more likely, never, and then telling others Shotcut sucks). Bad can be always failing, incompatible with their preferred media player or service, very poor quality, or very large files.

You can add a line meta.preset.extension=mp4 to your preset - either in the dialog or the text file it creates to address this.

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@shotcut OK, thanks a lot. I consider my question as answered… :ok_hand: :slightly_smiling_face:

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