A problem with Shotcut and SDL2

I’m a programmer and frequently I update the SDL2 library in my System32 directory and when I made this then punctually Shotcut can’t start. Can you limit your program to using only the copy of the SDL2 inside his path? I use Shotcut 19.01.27 on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit version 1803.
Thanks for your work.

First of all, it is bad practice to install extra or app-specific DLLs such as SDL2 to system32. I installed SDL 2.0.9 (latest at this time) to my system32, but I did not reproduce a problem in Shotcut. Nevertheless, people will do this and possibly cause a problem. I figured out why this is happening.
While I could not reproduce the problem, I did use depends.exe and its Profile mode to verify that it is loading SDL2.dll from system32 when is it there.
The workaround is to copy SDL2.dll from Shotcut to Shotcut\lib\mlt. Unfortunately, it still needs a copy in Shotcut to satisfy melt.exe, ffmpeg.exe, etc.
I should do something to improve this but not eager to fork dlfcn-win32 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Another simple fix for me using depends.exe with Profile is to use Dynamic-Link Library Redirection. Simply create an empty file named shotcut.exe.local in the Shotcut install folder. Can you please test that for me?

I know it’s a bad practice to install extra dll to system32 but makes my job easier.
Unfortunately Shortcut doesn’t start also with an empty “shotcut.exe.local” file in his path.
Thanks for your help.

Thanks, but that is unexpected. Can you please try
copy SDL2.dll from Shotcut to Shotcut\lib\mlt ?

I have tried but unfortunately nothing change.

Again, I am very surprised by what I see using depends.exe with Profile. It makes me believe something else is wrong with compatibility on your system. What does work for you?

I can only say to you that I have many programs but the only program that give me problems is Shotcut.

The next version includes Dynamic-Link Library Redirection, and I am considering this resolved according to docs and my own tests, and there is something else wrong on your system since you did not answer my question (What does work for you?).

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Probably I can’t understand you.
I must elencate to you all the programs that work well on my PC? :smiley:

Does removing SDL2.dll from System32 make Shotcut work for you?

Ok I’ll wait for the next version!
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi Dan.
The new version 19.92.28 fix with success this problem. :slight_smile:
Thanks for your great work! I gave to you a small donation. :wink:

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