A new user with some questions

Hello! Before getting into the questions, I would like to tell a bit of my backstory.

I am a Let’s Play YouTuber & I do have experiences in editing. Before finding this, I used iMovie, which most of you know & also Lightworks, a non-NLE video editor. But the reason I’m ditching these two & going to switch to this are:

iMovie: Video file too big due to it using the Quicktime codec.
Lightworks: A bit complicated(certain video formats only, not many effects inside[users can make their own effects though usingexternal program]).

Anyway, I would like to ask some questions before trying out this video editor.

  • How much space does this video editor take?
  • Will this play H.264 videos smoothly?
  • Are the Luma Wipe & Green Screen effects available in this video editor?
  • Do you need to add an audio track to make the video stereo? And can you mix the audio levels?
  • Will the export file size be big? If so, how to reduce it?

Thanks :smile:

It’s free, it’s only a 180Mb download, just try it, if you run into difficulties this forum is quite helpful :slight_smile:
Here’s the full list of features.


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How didn’t I see that? Thanks Steve!

EDIT: Tried it out, works better than Lightworks! Yay!