A month ago had never edited a video Now I use ShotCut for all my Videos


Just wanted to say Thank You to the creators of this Program along with the ShotCut community that I learned from…Thank You

Glad to hear it works well for you. Did you use Shotcut to make the intro?

Yes everything was done in Shotcut. It’s the only editor I know how to use or even tried to for that matter. Works for what need it for, surprised often at some of the new things I learn you can do with the Editor.

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I just noticed your post.
Aside from the occasional overlay of the medicinal weed dispenser (wink wink), it’s hard to tell how much editing is involve in the main part of the video. But judging from the intro, you learned a lot in one month. It’s quite impressive :+1:

One piece of advice though. Well not even advice, more of a personal opinion about the music:
It’s ok to use songs you like for the musical background but you should take in consideration that your video is intended (I suppose) for a wide audience. People of all ages, with all kinds of musical tastes. Your video is 13 minutes long. So you have space to include maybe 4 or 5 songs of different genres. You know, to please as many people as possible :slight_smile: Also, and here again it’s a personal opinion, I feel that the volume of the music should be a bit lower. I’d prefer to hear the sound of the engine a little more.

I occasionally drove semis in the 80’ and I’m very impressed by this truck simulator. It’s almost scary how real it looks. In fact, it took me a few seconds to realize it was a simulation. I’m not a big fan of video games, but that I’d like to try.