A HD Video Upscaled To 4K

This video was shot with a smart phone using 1920x1080 on both front and rear end cameras.

Nothing special so far, however, in Shotcut 21.01.29, it was rendered at 3840x2160, in other words, 4K, with the h264_qsv codec and the quality set to 12, instead of the 24 default (AKA 55%). Hardware Encoder and Parallel Processing both ticked.

I’m quite happy with the result on YouTube and feel this could be ground-breaking for others shooting in HD who want that extra quality on YouTube.


I can give an explanation as to why this is happening.
YouTube stores 4K video at a higher bitrate. Hence less information in the video gets compromised.
BTW what was the size of the video file in 4K vs. 1080p?

4K was 4.1 GB. Original (unrendered) 1080p clips totalled 1.5 GB.

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