A fine example of how to make an entertaining travel video

Hi friends,
This video wasn’t made by me, nor has it probably been edited with Shotcut, but I came across it on Youtube and thought I’d post it as a fine example (in my opinion) of a fast paced, entertaining and informative travel video. I’m so impressed by the way the creator uses all sorts of ways of keeping the listener’s attention (including the imaginative combination of spoken commentary and animated text), keeps it moving along so fast and adds so much humour throughout. A masterclass of video editing. Lord knows how long it took her to create! To me this is inspirational. Enjoy!

PS I came across it whilst looking for stunning footage showing cars on open roads (with breath-taking scenery etc) to go with my latest flute piece called “Freeway”. If anyone can point me to some good “open road” driving footage, I’d appreciate it…


Wow! nice find @jonray. Very entertaining indeed. Thanks for sharing.
I also watched a few of her other videos. All very nicely done.
A lot can be learned from her work.

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Thanks, @musicalbox. Yep, I love her style and how she makes her videos fun to watch.


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