A few small, nagging problems

  1. I must have inadvertantly done something 'cause now the text in the playlist for each clip (when viewed as tiles) no longer fits in the frame for that clip - or sometimes just becomes a jumble one line to the next. This is especially true when the clip has a proxy. Is it possible to control this behavior?

  2. In the source window, when there’s an in and out setting for a clip, and the ‘cursor’ is at the end of that clip, I don’t seem to be able to grab and move the cursor beyond the end boundary without also moving the boundary. No matter where I try to grab it, the end point comes with it.

  3. In trying to make a cut between two scenes, is it best to make the cut at the last frame of the first scene or the first frame of the second scene? I seem to have had mixed results.

Thanks for the help - I know these are not major problems, but they are nagging.

I’ve found for the playlist problem that enabling large thumbnails inceases the amount of space for the text - but this reduces the number of clips that can be displayed in the playlist.

Here is what I do, which works for me:


  • Step one frome at a time forward. When the scene changes, this is where I want to split, either this clip or another that I am matching to it.
  • Click the -->| button under the preview window. If it looks like it is at the end of this clip (not the end of another clip above or below) this is where…

This works for me every time.

Thank you for the response. I can isolate what appears to be the right position, but I’m not clear on what you mean by 'Click the -->| button under the preview window". If I click on the moveable cursor that looks like the vertical line you typed, it moves the position of the clip - can’t be precise enough when clicking. Am I missing another button that you’re referring to?


I use this one.

(I was keyboard-drawing from memory; yeah, that wasn’t very clear.)

Duh! Thanks - I should have known. Now I see what you mean. This will bring you directly to the cut frame.

I only caught on to that one yesterday or the day before.
I had been laboriously step…step…step…step…

By cursor I suppose you mean the Playhead?
Yes, when the Playhead is at the position of one of the IN or OUT markers, it is difficult to grab.
But you can click somewhere else on the Source timeline to move the Playhead there and then grab it and move it where you want.

Or you can also use the Page Up or Page Down keys on your keyboard to move the Playhead away from a IN/OUT marker by one second.

Thank you, Yes, playhead - that’s a good name for it. That’s pretty much the way I’ve been doing things. Was hoping for a better way.

Thanks again,

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