A few issues while exporting


I’ve worked with openshot and I’m pleased to find a similar workflow here. Although, I have some troubles exporting videos. The first video I did turned out fine. The second, which was more complex, did not.

First, I don’t have the A1 track playing. I’ve added a bunch of audio (mp3 and ogg) on some parts, and in the exported video it does not play at all. A1 is not muted and I hear the proper audio when previewing the project.

Second, all still-image scenes are rendered as big white “INVALID” label. Those are PNGs without transparency. JPG still images seem to be rendered OK in the exported video.

Do you have any common pitfalls I may have encountered? The first video project also included A1 extra audio track and PNGs and it exported nice.

Here it is the project MLT file: https://pastebin.com/qVHcJGjK

Incoming rookie mistake… I have moved those audio and PNG resource files to another directory during the export. I suppose Shotcut doesn’t keep track of resources if they are moved in the meanwhile…
Duh! 1 hour of rendering wasted… I guess that was it, but we will see after another 1 hour…

Edit: That was it. Sorry for the fuss.

Tell me what you did. I am having the same issue and has been trying a solution for the past 5hrs. The first video came out fine and when I tried to refine the same project, export stops at 72% and that’s it. Any help thank you

Mine was different - I had the project successfully exported, but with no extra audio tracks and some of the static scenes missing. In my case I moved those external resource files to a different folder during the export process. Shotcut wasn’t able to resolve those resources and just wasn’t using them.