A "de-blur" animation at the beginning

At the start of the video I want the picture to continuously blend in by “de-bluring”. To be more specific, I want it at first totally blurry, and then in a few seconds it should become sharp. Like a fading effect.

How to achieve this?

Any video effect which requires ‘key-frames’ is not possible with Shotcut…yet.
Key-frames are high on the road map though.

However have you tried blending a blurred clip to a sharp clip via a cross-fade transition?

Thanks, I will try that. Guess your answer also implies there is no way to blur the entire video (to have one to cross-fade from)?

PS: I saw a video on vimeo with blurred faces where in the description was said the creator used ShotCut for this effect…

No I am not.
You can use two tracks with a copy of the section you want to apply the blur effect to pasted into the second track (above) and use the fade filter (set to fade opacity and not to black).
Like this


Thanks, I will try this as soon as I get at my home pc.

Meanwhile, I also discovered this which is somehow related: http://gadoga.com/en/how-to-blur-sensor-video-shotcut-tutorial.html

Yes, but this is not what your original post was asking.

Not specifically, yes.

It’s not certain! Yeah!

Did you try?
Here’s a quick and dirty example using the method I described.


Yes, I tried. But it still looks not the way I would like it to look. It looks like the blur fades out like a diminishing “glowing”, see the picture, you can already see the sharp borders, and the blur adds a “glowing” look:

But I like to have a more “smooth” transition, like at the beginning of this video:


If you have any ideas how to achieve that I would be very happy!

No sorry, you need a video editor with keyframes and a proper Gaussian blur effect.

I’ve been trying to achieve a blur out video using crossfades and I prefer the method that involves creating two video tracks with the second one having a fade out. However now there is a “box” or a sort of non-blurred border around the video - how can I get rid of that? Please see https://youtu.be/M84ucKfxr50

There’s nothing you can do about this. Shotcut’s blur uses a H/V ratio blurring filter.
You could Gaussian blur the second clip in an external program first but even this doesn’t give a 100% acceptable result as all you really see is the ‘sharp’ track come slowly into view rather [mist effect] than the de-blurring effect you want.

Use DaVinci Resolve (Free) instead.


There is a keyframable blur effect, which is very easy to use, in Kdenlive. I have just tried it and got exactly what you need within minutes with Gaussian blur. The same effect is also available in OpenShot but it seems a bit more complex. You can easily have ShotCut, Kdenlive and Openshot on the same Linux or Windows system. They are free open source and don’t use much disk space.


Would this be the Boxblur effect in Kdenlive? I can only find Brightness and Rotate which are keyframable.

The Blur effect is keyframable – at least in the latest Kdenlive versions (not available for Ubuntu 14.04, for instance): when you apply the effect, you will find, under the B with a cyan background, a tiny round icon with an ‘Add keyframes’ hint. Just click on it, and you’ll get two sliders to set the blur amount for the beginning and the end of the clip. You can also add new keyframes. Gaussian blur will provide an effect which is very close to the OP’s needs.
PS: The try was done with the former 16.12 Windows version. Just after, I upgraded to the latest 17.04 Windows version, and the background is no longer cyan but green (?) Maybe linked with the emergence of a French translation: I don’t like translations, because they are generally inaccurate, cause errors and even sometimes create bugs. At least this one did not correct the annoying bug of Kdenlive Windows not closing its processes when you close the program;)
P-PS: I restored the language to American English, and the background of the B is cyan again…