A bug with the "remove"

When you remove something it cuts the music two and i don’t know why. So if its a bug or it has a fix let me know.

Video and Audio streams are not separable within a track. If you want to cut only the video stream you will need to create a new ‘audio’ track (A1) and add the source clip to that track then mute the V1 track’s audio.

when I follow your instructions boath the video and the audio cut on “remove”

Works just fine here. Sorry.

Try unchecking Ripple All Tracks.

Sorry, but how does that prevent the audio stream being split and removed along with the video stream?
I understand the OP’s gripe as wanting to keep the audio while only removing the video.

@sauron is correct. It is because Ripple All Tracks on. It is a feature, not a bug.

well I was working almost a year with this program and somehow ripple all tracks turned on i did not do it and thanks!

thank you very mutch!