A bug developer won't fix

Good luck getting a response.
I’ve basically just been told I should be helping diagnose the issue and not complaining and after asking what they need I’ve heard nothing back.
So my title remains an accurate depiction of the results I’ve seen thus far, as the developer allows people to be condescending to those frustrated by events while continuing to ignore the original issue at hand.

Well, I did give you a suggestion of what to do. i.e. clone the source and add some debugs. Alternatively, as you’re running Windows, I’d pretty sure gdb works in Windows (I’ve only used on Linux):

Run the shotcut executable via gdb and when it barfs you’ll have copious amounts of information to send to the developers.

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Just ignore DRM - like his nick suggests, it seems he’s only here to justify his presence and only hurt genuine people.

As for the developer, he genuinely seems to care, but free software being free, he likely can’t justify spending too much time on it or the forum (because he needs to do other things that pay his bills) and so things are bound to be missed.

If multithreading is involved in the crash, then it’s going to be VERY hard to pinpoint the issue, depending on how multithreading is implemented. It needs to be implemented very carefully, and very very sparingly, only for crucial places where it will obviously help, like rendering a video in the background. And the crash may only appear on certain operating systems.

Probably helps to say Windows 10, version 1809. When I saw you wrote “Windows 1809” I thought for sure that was a typo, until I searched it just now to make sure. Perhaps others may have gotten confused too.

If bryanb’s suggestion will give debugging output, that will be very helpful for the developers. It will tell them what parts of the program were involved in the crash and help them reproduce it, and try and fix the problem. It’s the next best thing to do, I think. But it probably requires some technical experience to set up, and will probably require time that you can’t justify unless you want to help the project, which is understandable.

What is needed more than anything else is “steps to reproduce”. And I don’t mean vague general steps. I mean excruciating detail steps that result in a problem. If the steps are provided in an ordered list, that is even better. It is OK if the steps don’t reproduce the problem every time. If I have to follow the steps 10 times to get the error, I can still work with that.

It is impossible for a developer to fix a problem if he can not reproduce the problem on his own computer. When I use Shotcut to edit videos, I don’t experience random crashes. So there are two possible explanations for that:

  1. You are using Shotcut in a way that I don’t use it.
  2. There is something different about your environment that Shotcut has trouble with

Also, there is a great thread here with some good advice for requesting help:

I think what he’s getting at is he can’t reproduce it. For example, I recently switched away from Ubuntu to MX Linux, because every now and again, perhaps a few times per day, some days not at all, the whole computer would freeze and do the repeated sound thing. It was completely random. I could be working on a video. I could be reading a web page. In fact, I could be doing absolutely nothing, filing my nails, listening to music and suddenly it does it again. During which the computer is completely unresponsive. It looks like a hard crash, but each time, if I just leave it for 10 seconds or so, it unlocks and continues as normal. There are no steps to reproduce. I was even considering leaving a camera on a tripod recording over my shoulder and clip together the times it’s crashed, just to prove it’s completely random. But then I found out about MX Linux and haven’t looked back.

If the guy says he’s been experiencing it for years and still doesn’t know what triggers it, then the only choices left is for him to detail exactly the operating system version, and his hardware, also the debugger option you suggested, and also - some personal testing; re-install Windows 10 with minimal programs and see if it still does it, to try and narrow down what might be conflicting with it.

The developers of Shot Cut and the quality of the software are unbelievably robust. When you need help, it syYOUR need; can the attitude.
I suggest to anyone who disagrees - go else where or (try) and do better- develop your own!

Really the bottom line in this thread is not the robustness of the software or the quality of the product, is the attitude with which certain users ask for help.
This unpleasant attitude is by no means justifiable in a forum where most users try to help (within their knowledge and experience) others, voluntarily and selflessly.
The insistence on an unpleasant attitude towards other users does not seek to solve the problem, but to complain about the product and the developers.
This forum is the current channel available to users to share aspects related to Shotcut.
Many forget that this is not technical support, that a user who offers help is not a troll, and does not seek confrontation. Not all Shotcut users have programming knowledge and not, for this reason, we are less valid when helping other users with problems within the reach of our understanding and at our disposal of time. It is voluntary, non-profit and this is forgotten in a society where “free” is translated as “obligation”.

Divination is also not among the general skills of users and requests for help often lack necessary information. Therefore, when we want (or can) help, we ask for additional information.
We try to help, sometimes we make a mistake, sometimes we don’t, but it’s always easier if the user asks for help properly (in form and content).

It is possible to understand the moment of the frustration of a user (I can also be that user) when something happens and my work breaks down. But if I really want a solution, I do not step on the hand that offers me help.


It looks like the real issue is noone knows what’s wrong and noone knows how to fix it lol.

Blaming niceties as an issue when the person who is asking for help clearly said he lost hours upon hours of work which is the reason he acted so brashly initially is just a poor community.

That said I’ve had this issue with Shortcut (same one as OP) for a very very long time and haven’t found anyone whose discussed a solution.

Seems like a rather large bug to ignore, especially given the amount of work even I myself have personally lost recently (it’s extremely frustrating).

Is there something a non-programmer can do to figure how why this is happening?

I’ve been using Media Composer First and it’s been working fine but forces you to upload clips to a specific location to pull from for savestates (I like that shortcut just reads from clips source)