A better linear blur transition effect

I was trying out the linear blur transition which is enabled via text HTML filter, but did not like the results. When I looked at the code I realised it looks bad because it blurs in both x and y directions. So, if you have a transition that swipes from right to left you obviously only want the blur to be only from left to right, not up / down.
I include a video that shows the result. First, transition is using my filter (called LinearBlurX), second using the regular LinearBlur.
(Note: in the video I made the transitions very long so you can see what I’m talking about, but you would normally make them much faster to look good.)

And this is the gl-transition-objects.js file which contains the shader code: https://gofile.io/d/ilaJnL


Thanks for this! Interesting. :smile: :+1:

Don’t forget that this filter will no longer be available in a future version of Shotcut released (probably) later this year.

Hopefully, they replace it with something better. Using a html component to launch opengl shaders is a bad idea anyway.

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