7.1 Sound?

Is there any way to export in 7.1 sound (I see only 5.1)?

In the Advanced export settings, add “channels=8” to the Other tab:
There are not many audio formats that will support this. But I believe AAC works with it.

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In the Audio tab for Export, the tab gets modified with either a bitrate or quality control appearing depending on the kind of rate control that you pick. Couldn’t something similar be programmed if 7.1 is added to the channel options where if 7.1 is picked then the list of codecs changes to only the ones that support 7.1?

Thanks this helped!

Yes. That is possible. We have chosen not to implement that because I think that 7.1 audio is an uncommon use case. If the requests become more common, then we might make that a priority. I think that for 7.1 audio t be very useful, we should add more features for mixing sounds to different surround channels.

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