64 Bit exe installer has a Memory Leak

To keep this short and to the point. The 64 bit exe file installer has a memory leak of some sort.

I have both zip and exe file installed and messing around with both and it seems the 64 bit exe file installer has memory leak. When i load files up and start editing i can see from the task manager its
being loaded into my ram and not unloading. Not a tech guy so don’t know how to explain it right lol.

Edit: And i would have to reload the program every time just to empty out my ram. This doesn’t happen when i use the Zip File version installer.

Been using the program for a little over a month now and i love it. Just wish there was a HDR feature like in adobe premiere pro.

The installer and the portable are the exact same program. The installer is mainly just a file copier.

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