5MP video footage not working in shotcut

Hi all,

I have been using shotcut to make small edits to the video footage of cctv cameras we sell then upload to youtube so customes can see sample footage etc…

Had no issues yet - however this week have worked on a new 5MP cctv camera with h.265 - the footage is in .avi format but whenever i try and open with shotcut i get a pure white screen - nothing on it, but it appears to be the correct video length (timewise)…

The same clips work fine in VLC media player.

Any idea why this isnt working - is shotcut no compatible with 5MP H.265 footage?

files are pretty small - see one of the original files here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EFVjYuQw6g-_3f837mrcWTRF8J8lE-ap

please advise if this works for anyone in shotcut? if not - can you advise why?


No, obviously, this does not work in Shotcut. libavformat from FFmpeg is reporting:
[avi @ 0000000002fa8740] Could not find codec parameters for stream 0 (Video: none, 1 reference frame (HEVC / 0x43564548), none, 2592x1944 (0x0), 2155 kb/s): unknown codec
It is probably related to the way HEVC is put into AVI, which is a stupid thing to be doing anyways. I am surprised VLC opens it (PotPlayer does not), but OK you can use VLC to convert it.

No VLC plays it fine - but if i try converting to different file it crashes - so must be having issues also…

Forgive my ignorance - i’m new to these video editing softwares - but what kind of HD file type should I try converting this too so it would work in shotcut?

I need to try and keep it as close to the original file as possible as obviously I am using this a sample footage so clients can see the quality of footage to expect…

Any advice very welcome

Is it DRM protected perhaps?

Handbrake which can handle hevc h.265 won’t even open it.

I recommend you work with the camera manufacturer to have them write a to MP4 or MKV or something workable, or choose a different camera.

Avidemux opens the file and plays it. Saved the AVI as MKV. Shotcut will now open and play the file.

Guess there’s still some use for ancient applications.:slight_smile:

Perfect - thanks for your help!