5 Tips for Getting the Cinematic or Filmic Look on Shotcut Video Editor

This is very basic, but should be enough to get a beginner started…


Another fantastic tutorial, @bentacular! Great opening sequence and your use of adding text to highlight key points is really useful. Especially since your slightly transparent text looks so classy.

I also really appreciate the speed of your voice which was perfectly timed to create a nice momentum.
I think users would like a tutorial on how you made the sliding black bar effect at 0:04 and 11:56…

Great work!

And can I publicly congratulate you on your first 1,000 subscribers!!! :laughing: :+1:


Yay! As always, thank you for the love you’ve brought to my videos and my YouTube channel. I draw a lot of inspiration from the videos you created.

I definitely have a tutorial on my list coming up highlighting how to do the slider transition. You know me, I’m a glutton for making a video that I think my audience would like.

Once again, I appreciate how you’ve helped me develop my Shotcut skills and your impact to the community.

And, ahem, correction…congratulations to US for both hitting our first 1,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Here is a link to Jonray’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCypMjN5Jms6mUN1OjsygVjw
Here’s a link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/benespanto

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I join and support

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Thank you for the support!

Wow, @bentacular, you are too kind and generous!! Thank you. All the best to you, and keep up the good work …

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Thanks! I feel like the more I do these, the more time it ends up being because the production value also needs to get higher. This one took a week to do, which is the longest it’s ever taken me.

Cool! Only thing, the video example you have is already way better than most anything we can shoot with our own unprofessional cameras…

Here is a video edited with those 5 tips filmed with an unprofessional GoPro

Here’s another one shot with a really old, low resolution cell phone: https://youtu.be/YjmGz-BolP8

It’s not about filming equipment. It’s about using your imagination


really nice tutorial! I found it quite helpful!

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Glad I could help!

So true !
One example of this that comes to mind is the end credits of the movie Greyhound that I watched last week. Great movie by the way.

It’s most entirely made of very old and poor quality footage from World War II put together. But the talent and imagination of the editors made this the best looking end credits I’ve seen in a very long time.

And if you look at it and think about it, you can see that most (if not all) of it can be done using Shotcut as the video editor. And you can also see examples of what @bentacular shows in his tutorial.

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So cool.


Thank you sir! As well as your tutorials as well!

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There’s also a thing in filters to crop your video and also lets you key frame the cropping

Yes, there are many ways to “crop” videos in Shotcut, but a filter cannot crop a video. It’ll add black bars to it but the actual size of the video remains the same. Only Settings >Video Mode can Actually crop a video.

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I still remember that thread… :grinning:


Great job. Many great little details that together have been fantastic.
In each tutorial and resources, both @bentacular, @jonray, @MusicalBox, @Elusien and others previously, they show us what can be done with imagination, good taste and dedication, using Shotcut.
Bravo! :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thank you!