5 seconds delay at start

Hi, im new with shortcut and want to cut and stabilize some gopro videos.

My problem is, when I export the video with the H264 high profile, I always get an 5 second delay at start. with vlc Player the screen is black and media player classic shows the first frame for these 5 seconds.

Are you customizing any settings on the export panel, such as setting the quality to 100%?

Yes, but ive just deactivatet the audio.
i tried it now with a shorter video file with the same profile and with the h.264 Main Profile. both with the same issues.

I tried some other profiles. At wmv, mpeg and youtube(mp4) this problem does not exist.
the profile youtube seems to be equal in quality. maybe I should take thos.

I only experience this with GoPro source/camera MP4s over slow storage such as from a network share but not from Shotcut export. I just tested it with a Hero 10 video and the H.264 High Profile export preset on Windows with VLC. (I do not have MPC and will not be installing it for this.)
If you are not using the preset, ensure movflags=+faststart appears in Export > Advanced > Other.

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