5.1 downmix to stereo

Hi! I’m new to shotcut and have problems with getting the right audio information played and exported.

I’m editing a video with originally 2 audio tracks and 5.1 sound. When i play the video in shotcut I can’t hear most of the dialogue (only very little in the background) while music and sounds play back as should be. Also, when I export the edited video, there’s audio information missing in the final file (same problem).

Can you please tell me what I need to do to solve this problem? Thanks very much in advance!

What Kind of audio is in the file? AAC? AC-3? Something else? Click on the clip, go to the Properties panel and click on the Audio tab. Report back what it shows.

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Thank you!
The video is an mkv file. The properties panel doesn’t show me a certain audio format, sorry.

Please check the properties panel in Shotcut.

Oops :see_no_evil:
audio info

Ok. Interesting. That is a codec which I have not tested before. I am confident that it will not be properly downmixed by the current version (18.03.06). There will be some improvements to downmix in the next release. But I would like to test with this file to be sure it will work. Can you provide a download link to a sample clip (using dropbox or something simiar)? You can PM it to me if you like.

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Hey Brian some of the Blu-ray disks are using it, and evidently some DVDs also. DTS (sound system) I run across it when I was ripping a Blu-ray to the hard drive, my transcoder was able to handle it. IT was interesting as one Blu-ray they had a stereo version and on the other Blu-ray they had 5.1. If I remember correctly windows movie player would only play sound with the stereo one. I use DVDFab for ripping and XMedia Recode for transcodeing. it is free but you need a recent Nvidia card to use it.

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Here’s a sample similar to the OP’s clip.


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Thanks @sauron. The clip you provided reports 8 channels, 96k sampling rate and s32p sample format:

The screenshot from OP reports 7, 48k, fltp.

I will make sure the 8 channel file works in the next release. It would be nice to get the 7 channel file, also.

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Thank you all! Brian, I will send you a message.

I was able to test the DTS files from both of you. My downmix improvements will make these files work. The changes will be in the next Shotcut release.

That’s great! Thank you!