5.1 audio

Windows 10 21H2

Shotcut 22.04.25

I set the audio channels to 6 (5.1) but 5.1 audio does not play properly in source or timeline.
Tried 2 different Windows 10 21H2 machines with Shotcut 22.04.25
Audio does not play correctly but it does export properly.
Tried ac3, aac and dts.
Tried using a proxy.
Uninstalled and reinstalled.

Also in the past Shotcut has opened to the last layout i used (my own that i have saved)
But now every thing is in the right spot but not the right size/position, not a huge deal but it would be nice not having to go into View - Layout to get my layout every time.

It works fine for me in Windows 11 after going into the old control panel to set it up based on this article

From my View > Application Log

[Info   ] <MLT> [filter swresample] 6(5.1) s16 44100Hz -> 6(5.1) s16 48000Hz
[Info   ] <MLT> [consumer sdl2_audio] Audio Opened: driver=xaudio2 channels=6 frequency=48000

Usually the problem is due to incorrect setup in Windows.

Sorry I should have been more specific

In previous versions using stereo head phones on a laptop with a 5.1 track and 5.1 audio selected the audio was mixed down (proper term?) through the headphones.

I used Shotcut on April 24th 2022 and it worked this way.

As far as I know the only change is an update to Shotcut 22.04.25.

This test works correctly in VLC, MS Film and TV, and MS Photos, just not in Shotcut 22.04.25

What does that mean? If you mean Settings > Audio Channels > 6 (5.1) you should say that as instructed in the bug template. If you have that chosen Shotcut does not mixdown, never has, and should not. It is possible Windows was doing some mixdown to stereo. In case you made a change to Windows audio settings while Shotcut was still running you need to restart Shotcut. Also, your screenshot is incomplete and does show the audio meters to make any sense of it.

Shotcut was never designed to downmix 5.1 for stereo headphones in the preview. In fact, the audio peak meter displays the audio AFTER it has been sent to the computer audio system. If you were hearing a downmix, it was being done by your computer.

In my experience on Windows, when we send the audio system 5.1 audio, sometimes it is smart enough to mix it down to stereo and sometimes it only presents the left/right without downmix. This depends entirely on your computer hardware and Windows settings.

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