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When recording 4K video, should I record 25 frames or 30? Does the difference affect the quality much? ? What is the optimum setting? ?


What is the video made for? If YouTube, then 30fps is better because it divides evenly into most monitor refresh rates. 25fps will look like it is stuttering on playback when the frames are duplicated and retimed for display on a standard 60Hz monitor. The difference between 25 and 30 isn’t a quality issue… it is smoothness of motion during playback that’s different.

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I understand Thank you. Generally, playback is via LED TV. And this TV also has a maximum resolution of 1920x1080p…

It all depends on what exactly you will record. The most universal frame rate is considered to be 30. If the goal is to achieve the most cinematic picture, then 24 or 25. If you are recording a let’s play of a computer game, it is better to do it with a frame rate of at least 60.

Mostly the recordings I made for family… A Picnic, Trip or recordings in historical places. outdoor, indoor etc.

Recording frame rate in television is based on the local mains frequency, not the monitor.

If you record 25p in a 60Hz country or 29.94p in a 50Hz country you may get lighting flicker from mains lighting.

So can we say that 30 fps should be recorded for 60 Hz and 25 fps should be recorded for 50 Hz?

With a 180 shutter, that would be normal, yes.

Once flicker is in the video, it’s very hard to get rid of.

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Thank you.

There is also the option of shooting 1/50th shutter at 30fps to get the best of both worlds. This is my usual setup. It has the natural motion blur of human persistence of vision, paired with a comfortably high refresh rate that won’t cause stutter on playback.

Lighting fixtures will vary by region of course, but I live in an area where so much lighting has been converted to flicker-free LED that I can shoot in any frame rate I want without concern for mains frequency. Perhaps your area is largely flicker-free as well. Would have to experiment to know. But indeed, flicker is hard to remove if it is captured.


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