404's from home site and help?

While trying to learn how to use Shotcut, attempts to get to tutorials, etc, often end in 404 (page not found). This happens from the Help menu in Shotcut as well as the home page. For example,getting to this forum took some creative browsing. What’s up with that?

Adding to the above, here’s a link that gives a 404 error: https://www.shotcut.org/notes/make-plugins/

I think they are reorganising the menus right now. It should work in a few hours / days…
Go to the youtube channel to see tutorial.
If you want a pdf, what language do you want?

I’ll search YouTube for Shotcut - thanks for the suggestion.

PDF’s in English, please.

Sorry, i just have the german spanish and french available…

The server was migrated to a new machine last night, and some problems occurred. It is fixed now, but the cache might have stale 404 data in some regions even though it looked fine for me. So, I just issued a purge on the cache, which should clear it up.

Good on ya!

Migrations are rarely fun.