3rd party filters whilst using the AppImage binary

Hi! I’m an old Adobe Premiere user and I’m jumping ship from Windows. So Linux Mint is my current OS and I’ve been using the Shotcut 22.09.23 AppImage binary. I also see a Flatpak version but it is not the latest version.

I’ve been watching tutorials etc., Yeah OK, enough about my life story…

Is there a way to drop a 3rd party filter into my filesystem so that the AppImage will find it?

For example Shotcut Video Filter: Persistence

on linux it may be: /usr/bin/shotcut/share/shotcut/qml/filters

That path doesn’t exist of course. If I create it will the AppImage binary recognize it?


Use the portable tar if you want to do that. The AppImage, Flatpak, and Snap are basically closed.

Ok, untar’d the portable version. I installed it in /usr/local/bin/ so the full path is /usr/local/bin/Shotcut/Shotcut.app and I’ve fixed up my Start Menu entry to get it to run there.

I believe any 3rd part filters would now go into /usr/local/bin/Shotcut/Shotcut.app/share/shotcut/qml/filters
so I’ll try that.

However, when I start it up (either here or in my home folder) I get an error message…


Is this expected? it would be nice to have the new version notification.

Thanks for the tip on the portable version.


I would suggest it’s borderline on being a program bug :slight_smile:

Filters like this imho probably should go somewhere local like ~/.local/melty/Shotcut/qml/filters on linux or \Users<user>\Appdata\local\MeltyTech\Shotcut\qml\filters on windows and be picked up there.

This is because they are local for a user and not directly part of the program itself which is set to be read-only for various reasons.

Hmmm. I don’t have a path like that in home. The closest I get ~/.local/share/Meltytech/Shotcut/ and there is no qml or filters subfolder.

It’s not a show stopper.

Oh look! a log file…

So, more info on the version.json issue…

[Info   ] <MainWindow::showStatusMessage> "Checking for upgrade..." 
[Warning] <MainWindow::onUpgradeCheckFinished> "SSL handshake failed" 

/home/bossybear # openssl version
OpenSSL 3.0.2 15 Mar 2022

Yes you are correct, that’s the location that I meant.

That is the location that I think the Filters should go in if they are not already.

I think having better and a more open Filter support system in Shotcut would be really positive for a number of reasons.

That’s usually a Certificate issue in OpenSSL rather than a program issue. You might need to upgrade some .PEM files somewhere. Check a search engine for further help.

I’ve done a pile of searching about this and I don’t see a solution. OpenSSL is up to date. CA-Certificates are up to date. There are some references to this being an issue with the Qt5 kit. I have a brand new desktop and an older laptop both with fresh installations of Linux Mint and they both behave the same way. “Check a search engine” is not a practical solution for a casual user where the solution is not obvious.

I’m going to packet capture this to get the URL and try it from a browser to check the certificate. That will tell me if it’s an OpenSSL issue generally or a Qt5 problem.

That’s a fair enough comment, However I can only pass on what I know from where I have seen the same problem elsewhere, such as doing TLS upgrades in Banking and Financial Software.

It also could be much more fundamental like an AppImage not having file-write access because of the inherent Security Policy That means that the entire TLS system won’t be able to write to the program directory. I’m only guessing - I could easily be wrong.


@david.lyon I moved from AppImage to the tar binary based on the recommendation from @shotcut hoping to get the 3rd party plugins to work. I think they are too old and no longer compatible, so I gave up on that. Not a big deal.

Shotcut is very good quality software, amazing really, considering it is FOSS. I selected it for those reasons, so I hope this is taken as feedback, not criticism. I’m just reporting things that don’t work out of the box as a new user would expect.

Thank you for your comments.

It seems the app is attempting to connect to (dfw28s29-in-f10.1e100.net) during the QUIC handshake and failing…

[Failed to create decryption context: Secrets are not available]
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Hi. I’m not an expert at all, but Filter:Persistence by Elusien was working on Shotcut HTML5 (QtWebKit) builds before V20.10.31

Bonjour. Je ne suis pas du tout spécialiste, mais le filtre : Persistence de Elusien fonctionnait sur les versions de Shotcut HTML5 (QtWebKit) antérieures à la V20.10.31

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The only thing it connects to is check.shotcut.org when you ask it to check for an upgrade (and some other menu items that open web pages on shotcut.org).

shotcut/mainwindow.cpp at master · mltframework/shotcut (github.com)

DNS Lookup - Check DNS Records (dnschecker.org)

Use the Trails video filter for similar to Persistence.

@shotcut I see https://check.shotcut.org/version.json is there I can get it from the command line without issue.

curl https://check.shotcut.org/version.json
  "version_number": 220923,
  "version_string": "22.09.23",
  "url": "https://shotcut.org/blog/new-release-220923/"

Wouldn’t OpenSSL complain if there was a CA/chain/cert issue?

Thanks for the tip on the Trails filter!

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