3mn of relaxation

Hello everyone I’m phyl and I’m happy to be here.
What do you think about my video with drone above beautiful ways for a a good relaxation?


We have a special place for beautiful videos like this.

I’m really sorry. I don’t find it. I searched relaxation with the tool.

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The drone footage is beautiful. If you took those shots yourself, bravo :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

However, I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I find the music so relaxing. For example, that low pitch to high pitch build-up starting at 1:11 doesn’t sound particularly calming to me :confused:
Am I too sensible ? :thinking: :slight_smile:

Thanks very much. Yes I do.
I was visualising the music along with the images. Too sensible, I don’t know but me personally I find It quite relaxing but that’s just me.

Nothing to be sorry about.
I was only letting you know why I moved it to where it is more likely to be seen.

I like the video, But in the first minute, the part with the green sea, has the video been sped-up? I’m seeing a not too pleasant type of pulsating of the various shades of green. The frothy foam appears fine, but there seems to be jumps in the shades of green and if I focus on that part of the video it sends my eyes a bit screwy. The effect is also there at the end of the video.

Are you watching the video here in the post ? If so try switching from the default 360p to 1080p. The pulsations are a lot less visible at a higher resolution.
Lower the resolution at 240p or 144p and they become more noticeable.

If I look carefully, I see these also in the sand and the foam.
I am guessing that there is a frame-rate mismatch between the original video in these scenes and the video mode frame rate, something close, like 24 fps vs 25 fps, which is causing it to skip an occasional frame.
I suspect that if all of the clips were converted to the same “Friendly format” with the same frame rate BEFORE the edit session, this jitter effect would vanish.

Yes, at 1920x1080 they are not so annoying.

I think this is because at that resolution, the edges of the ripples are not as sharp. (The lower resolutions sharpen the smooth water.)

Yet it is still clear that the ripples are moving in steps.

I just tried and I agree, the effect is less pronounced at higher YouTube resolutions, but I can still detect the pulsations, even though they are fainter.

The jumps seem to be occurring at a 2-per-second rate.

I’m trying - and failing - to calculate what two frame-rates would account for this.

And while we’re debating about a visual phenomenon occurring in a southern sea, here in Quebec City, the snow is starting to fall and they say that we will be getting about 15 cm of it in the next 10 or 12 hours… :sob:

Just for you, @MusicalBox

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Thanks @kagsundaram. I love winter and snow, but a few months of green is nice too.
Funny thing: my sister bought a swimming pool last September. End of season deals. And they were suppose deliver and install it tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone

I am shooting with a mavic air 2 in 4K 30fps.
With H.265 codec.
The rendering is done with a bitrate of 100kb under Premiere pro.
Indeed there is a pixelation in the green area but personally I play the video in 4K.
I don’t use any sharpening effect in the video, but I’m learning topaz software.
The video has not been speed up. The movements of the ocean are free and unpredictables especially in the « tache de ressac »
I take your observation with great interest. Thank you for your sharing.

What is your processes?

Have a good day

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