3D transitions using three.js

Shotcut Editor doesn’t have 3D transitions. Could we not apply three.js scripts to add some hot 3D transitions?

You can try using the html filter.
Report here if it’s OK.

The one I’d try doesn’t exist anymore. Not sure I could with this one.

Filters may not work the same way as transitions do. Applying the ‘overlay HTML’ filter as transitions can also be cumbersome. Again, external three.js files lose ‘control by parameter’ feature in the WYSIWYG editor. The developers should think something about this. I believe Shotcut Video Editor is capable of doing much more than what it does right now. Only, a little amount of polishing would get it somewhere we can’t even imagine.

Not sure I uinderstoofd completly your point.
To be sure : with the html filter you can use your html (not necessarly the wysiwyg editor).
You saw that ?