3D Text Question

I just downloaded Shotcut after seeing a couple of YouTube videos about it. I watched some tutorial videos and they refer to a 3D Text filter. When I go to Add Filter, no 3D Text option is listed, Has it been removed? It looks awesome!"

Yes. This filter relied on a feature of Qt that Shotcut uses and which was discontinued some years ago. When Shotcut upgraded to a newer version of Qt, this filter (along with others that used WebVfx, like Text: HTML, or HTML: Overlay), had to be removed. It was last available with Shotcut version 20.07.11.

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I can stop trying to find it then! Shame, but it’s a great video editor. Glad I discovered it on YouTube.

Here is a direct link 20.07.11

You can find all older versions here

Is there any possible other way to add 3D text?

You can use another tool to make the 3D Text, export it as PNG or a video with alpha channel, and use that as an asset in Shotcut.

What’s the tool? Sorry I am new to shotcut but it’s awesome. Thanks for the quick reply.

There are lots of tools that will do this (create 3d-text as a .png file). Just Google “create 3d text”. There are online tools where you just input your text, style it, then press the “download” button.

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