3D-Luts batch preivew can be really really helpful

Year 2020 is here, many people have downloaded dozens of 3D-Lut files nowadays for cinematic effect. There are countless of Lut files to be downloaded online. It is a trend.

A collection of 3D-Luts can coverup many shortcomings/weakness of Shotcut (an honest fact :smile: ), speed up the colour adjustment a hundred-fold in some cases.

But now it is a pain in the arse to select Lut file one-by-one checking the result, especially when people got hundreds of them.

An extended 3D-Lut filter window showing all the Lut results of the current frame in a grid style, and 1-click to apply, will be super handy. (With an effect strength % bar it will be even better)

This is gonna make headline news in some video communities. Millions of like tiktok users will come to Shotcut as it can easily apply the “dream effects” to their videos (and much more compared to other entry-level editors)

P.S I know the “roadmap” is quite full at the moment. Just think this is a good idea for new year, and it is doable.


Like this suggestion.
While you wait for it there’s a free LUT previewer you can use.

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@sauron Hey thank you, it works, although not as good as I thought (saving frame, picking files picking luts folders, and it takes awful long time to render 100 pictures, and the preview quality is terrible too)

But it is something, and helps sometimes.

Thanks again!

You’ve got ffmpeg skills, so you could script your own tool to apply every LUT in a folder to a frame-grab image to generate previews at whatever resolution you wanted. Not particularly elegant, but effective until something better comes along. :slight_smile:

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The preview quality is not that bad. Original un-LUTed image on the left, The two LUTed images on the right don’t look bad.

The UI is a bit clumsy.

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Thanks for this heads-up, @sauron. I’m pretty new to LUTs and this will be a good resource. It seems to work very well :+1:

@sauron That’s a little strange. I tested with high quality photo input and the results showing all like 480 resolution pictures with teeth on jagged edges. But your one looks decent. I will check again.

@Austin, interesting, I didn’t know ffmpeg can handle 3d-lut. I may work on something then.

You probably found it already, but it’s the lut3d filter.