3D LUT Is awesome

Just a quick thanks for the 3D LUT tool.

Worked a treat with my F-LOG Fuji X-T2 footage, especially when combined with downsamping to 1080p.

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The color looks very natural in your video.
Compliments go to the FFmpeg developers who worked on that in particular ubitux (not here) and @Paul_B_Mahol :clap:

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the lut3d and lut1d filters in FFmpeg now have rgb float input/output support, so it can do more stuff now.
dunno if this can be used by shotcut at all.


Would that mostly help us prevent banding and other artifacting when doing push/pull and other color work?

How much does that help when the input colorspace is already so compressed coming out of camera? Is it like working in CIELAB when processing photos so you never go out of gamut while working?

In any case, thanks so much! The LUT filter is really incredible, and I hope to apply it to infrared and full-spectrum videos soon.

It can not help with garbage in. It only help for cases to not get garbage out. Also it is required for out of gamut processing - both input and output, as float does not have such storage limits.

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