360 video with Insta360 One camera (Filter you'd need)

Insta360 is relatively cheap and good-quality 360 camera. But I haven’t been able to get anything out of Insta 360 Studio, which is not so impressive piece of software. (Mac version hangs very very often.) And really, I wanted Linux alternative. Shotcut it is!

This filter is not impressive either, it only mirrors half of the frame, so one can use Bigsh0t 360-hemi-to-eq filter to do its magic.

But the thing is, Shotcut can handle large multilayer 4K edits and I’m able have all my favourite filters (sharpening, color grading…) on 360 footage. At last I’m able to share my 360 videos on YouTube.

I also included my hemi-to-eq preset to quickly get straight standing output from Insta360 One footage.

There it is, enjoy!



Can provide it’s VUI and GUI’s screenshot, the way how it works, and how you use it inside the forum post.

Thanks for sharing it.