360:Transform and y scrolling


Let me propose a new feature. Concerning 360:Transform filter and taking into consideration the problem (case) I described within this thread: 2x Size, Position & Rotate causes terrible image quaility degradation - #17 by NoName wouldn’t be a good idea to add additional parameter for this filter allowing y scrolling?

Currently we have Yaw parameter for x scrolling. Thus for having more possibilities wouldn’t be a good idea to add parameter for y scrolling?

It doesn’t seem to be very complicated and at the same time it would allow to create richer effect. Additionally it would allow to make workaround for the problem described in the given earlier link, when there is no possibility to make y scrolling without serious quality degradation when using Size, Position&Rotate filter with high zoom level and next after executing some filters you just want to do y scrolling.

Hi @NoName

You can do a Y (vertical) scroll with the No Sync filter.

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Yep, I’ve just discovered this as well. Thanks. I agree that it doesn’t seem necessary then to extend 360:Transform. I would propose then to close this thread.