2x sharpen gives better result than 1x sharpen with higher values


I noticed one interesting thing. Am I right that in many cases adding two times filter Sharpen with lower values, ex. once with 50/50 and the second time with 40/40 might gives better result then adding once Sharpen filter with ex. 70/70? To my eyes this first way gives very nice sharp image without too many sharpening artefacts, while in the second option sharpening is very unpleasant. Is that the correct observation? How do you sharpen you videos to get the best result?

I think you are right in many cases, depending on video material. My observation is that you are likely to overdo the sharpening - resulting in artefacts. 50/50 is already a lot of sharpening - i usually use values from 35…50 in both parameters. Everything above 50 results already in artefacts. Its true also for photoshop & Co. you can have better results when applying sharpening in low values (and if nessecary multiple times). This is often true also for increasing or decreasing picture/video size :wink:


What do you think in sharpening in this video (please be sure to watch it full hd): - YouTube

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