23.04 color range regression

Windows 10: This seems to have a problem with full color range source that’s not detected. As opened, some of the colors are outside the color range. Forcing the source to full color range either doesn’t have an effect or the conditions where it will have an effect are not predictable.

This is happening on a source file that I’m not willing to share. This method should be reproducible on any file. See attached. nothing happens with the color range until ~1:03 in the video.

Example 1: (force Color Range Full not working)
In a new project, drag / drop a video from Windows Explorer. Properties show Broadcast Limited color range, but the video waveform shows luma above 100% and below 0%. Change the color range to Full. No change to the image in the preview window or in the video waveform.

Drag-drop the source to the timeline. Same issue whether it’s the source or a clip on the timeline.

Example 2: (force Color Range Full working)
Leave Color Range Full. Continuing from above, apply a filter set to the timeline. The default settings for the filters are neutral (i.e. as close to “no effect” as possible). The video waveform is compressed (not clipped) within the 0%-100% range. As expected, the preview window shows less contrast and detail in the highlights was brought back.

Example 3: (force Color Range Full not working)
Close the project. drag-drop the video to the preview window. drag-drop from the source to the timeline. Change Color Range to Full (no effect).

Start adding the filters from the filter set from Example 2. Neither the video waveform not the preview window change. Some of the colors are outside the 0%-100%.

Applying the same filters individually isn’t able to force the Color Range setting to behave properly.

Yes it is a regression. In 22.12.21 and many releases before, changing the color range on the clip had an immediate effect. If you seek to 0:14 in the video I included, in 22.12.21, changing the color range would have an effect (i.e. reducing the contrast and compressing the tones in the video waveform).

Broadcast Range video can exceed 100% and go below 0%.

What shouldn’t happen is that the video is clipped to 0 - 100%, that will cause filter ringing and increase bitrate requirements. https://tech.ebu.ch/docs/r/r103.pdf

Thanks for your report. I have recreated this and I see it is a regression.

This is fixed for the next release (23.05)

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