22.04.25 says "invalid" in preview

Perhaps a system (arch) issue - but I’m having some difficulty with 22.04.25.

If I install Shotcut the “official” way (via Pacman) - then my project footage shows “invalid” in the preview and has green lines all over the place. Looks like a dependencies issue to me, but surely Pacman handles that?

If I use the app-image, or an older portable version everything works as expected.

The MLT avformat module that depends on FFmpeg libraries is not loading. I do not know why, but I am just providing a hint. The AppImage and portable include their own builds of the FFmpeg libraries against which MLT was built (also included).

Thanks I’ll check MLT - life of an Arch user

Re-installed MLT and FFMpeg - no change - I’m guessing there are shenanigans going on with particular versions being required, and Pacman not getting that right.

I’ll stick to the appImages for now

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