22.04.25 crashing on undo (CTRL+Z) in projects made in previous version

HI there,

I’m on linux (Ubuntu 20.10), running 22.04.25 and have been revisiting a project created in one of the 21.XX.XX versions.

Twice this morning I’ve bodged things up (resized with ripple on etc) and hit CTRL+Z to undo. Unfortunately both times 22.04.25 has crashed and needed to be killed (via HTOP)

Is this because the project was created in a previous version?

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I’ve experienced this bug too on the same version, I’m not exactly sure what causes it though because I also crashed at a ctrl+z, but it seemed to do with the fact I moved a clip to a different track on accident. I do not think it has to do with creating it in a previous version though because I created the project in the same version.

Version: 22.04.25 64-bit
OS: Windows 10 Home

Amend: i should also say that it would probably be worth changing the tag to bug, instead of a help/how to, and also try to update your post with a log.

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