21.10.31 - two bugs (1) undesirable audio [and video] ripple (2) "x" key crashes


Just using 21.10.31 on Ubuntu (app image) and have run into:

(1) If I paste an audio [or video] clip to the playhead, it ripples the other audio [or video] clips on that track out of place - even if ripple is turned off (I’ve screen recorded this if you can’t reproduce)

(2) I’m having some of the old-school “x-key” crashes - whereby shotcut crashes out, with autosave files missing, when editing from the keyboard (I’ve not managed to record these)

For item 1, the paste icon on the timeline toolbar has the following text in its tooltip: “Paste - Insert clip into the current track shifting following clips to the right”. Ripple is part of paste’s operation by design, regardless of the Ripple toggle. To overwrite instead of ripple, use the “b” shortcut key.

Thanks - does “b” paste a copied clip? I.e. could I do Ctrl+C, b ?

Apologies, I’m mid-render and so can’t test this

Yes, that would work. “Copy” also puts the copied clip into the Source viewer. Then “b” uses whatever clip is in the Source viewer. So in effect, the “b” overwrite tool is seeing the clipboard if you copy and overwrite back-to-back. However, if you drag in new videos to the Source viewer, “b” will grab the new videos rather than the clipboard directly.

Aaaaah, thanks,

I can wrap my head around that if I think of it like the kill-ring / yank register of an editor.

Need to work on my keyboard fu (damn that ‘x’ bug tho)

Sorry but I did not reproduce #2 - both parts. I loaded a moderately big project and removed all clips using the X key at a fairly rapid pace. Then, I waited around 30 seconds and killed the shotcut process. Upon restarting and loading the project, Shotcut offered to restore from the auto-save. Auto-save only occurs once a minute; so, you need to work longer than a minute on a project. And it only appears when you try to reopen a project if you were working on a saved project. If you were not working on a saved project then again, if it was over a minute, the recovery is available immediately after launch.

Thanks for checking (2)

I’ve also been unable to replicate this. The issue aroise in the same user session that a render crashed out due to low memory.

All was fine after a restart, so it must’ve been a system issue.

I was also getting “missing file” notifications for the auto save files, but that also stopped happening.

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