21.06.29 - bug with keyframes - substracting one frame

What is your operating system?
Linux Ubuntu 18

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?

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When working with keyframes I noticed one interesting thing. Ex. I create two keyframes for Gain/Volume filter. I set them ex. 1:00 and 1:15. I put values. However when returning to this filter after some time, the first keyframe is ok but the second has one frame substracted so it’s set at 1:14 and not at 1:15 as I set. I observed it many times. Something is wrong.

Is the clip cut at those positions ?
If it is, then 1:00 is the first frame of this clip and 1:14 is the LAST frame of the clip.
1:15 will then be the first frame of the next clip on the track.


Use the Seek Forwards and Seek Backwards buttons when you want to navigate to the first or to the last frame in the Keyframes timeline.

Now, I can’t repeat this. AFAIR the clip was not cut in this moment (but I’m not 100% sure). I used this small element called current position under video preview to set the moment, then I used Add a keyframe at play head and I used Seek to previous keyframe/Seek to next keyframe.

If I notice it once again I will try to observe more details and will write here additional comment.

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