20 Shotcut Auido effects and what can you do using these effects

Hi’ This is about my new Shotcut tutorial. I made a Shotcut tutorial about Shotcut audio effects in my blogger. I think it may be helpful for you. If you read this post, please comment on it. Because my English has not best and your comments are very helpful to me.

in the old post, someone replied to me and he told me about some problems in my posts. Thank you for reply It is very helpful for me. I am always trying better I can do.

Shotcut Audio effects - https://theshotcut.blogspot.com/2020/06/Shocut-Audio-effect.html

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My modest comment:
I find this blog is a list of the options found in the audio filters, but there is no explanation or practical application where the differences between the different effects are analyzed.
To give you an example: what exactly does the expander do? It is not explained. There is no waveform to see the difference between the original and the waveform with the filter applied. Something visual and also sound.
I firmly believe that it would be much more useful to develop the tutorial on the various functions and results of the application of each filter, than a description of the options we will find for that filter in Shotcut.
For example, here is an explanation in the Audacity manual about compression.

As a high-level overview it is fine (though there are some formatting problems). But it would be better to go into a bit more depth when describing the filter, e.g. explaining more of what it does as well as describing the parameters and giving a screenshot. I document my own Shotcut filters on my website e.g. http://elusien.co.uk/shotcut/filters/SniperScope/index.html

Also, I would put not comments in like “This is a really useful audio effect.” in the description, since they are all really useful effects.


Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for your comment. I will fix these issues in my feature blog posts.