2 transparent Clips become non-transparent


I have a question regarding transparency.

I want to edit several transparent pictures / videos to one clip.
Some of these pictures will be simultanous and therefore I need more than 1 video track.

My problem is, that the background turns black, whenever I use more than 1 video track.

I was able to export everything in front of a greenscreen.
Afterwards I used the chroma key to remove the greenscreen and get a transparent background. Unfortunately the quality is not as good as it is without the greenscreen.

Is there any more efficient solution to create completely transparent backgrounds, without loss in quality?

I searched in the forum, but only found answers like this:

Thank you for your help.

Kind Regards

Would you make a video/Demo or take a screenshot of your problem otherwise it’s hard to understand your problem and give exact answer.

Not to my knowledge. You’re already doing the best that I know how to do. My understanding is that once compositing is invoked by having media on a second track, then V1 gets blended with the hidden black background layer and prevents the export of transparent video.

However, depending on the colors of your clips, it may be possible to create a video with a middle gray background, then combine it with a later video by putting the track blend mode to Overlay or Soft Light.

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