2 questions

Hey guys!
I was wondering if there is any chance to see estimated size of file before conversion is done?

also there is option in export tab named “quality” it always set at 55% - my question is if i set it to 100% it will change quality of the vid for best? I assume that file size will be much bigger then right?

Im sorry for my english.

Don’t set it to 100%, you will get a huge filesize and some video players cannot handle such files. A value of 67% is normally “visually lossless”, i.e. you normally cannot actually see any difference when compared to lossless (100%).


When using the default export settings any estimation is useless as it depends on how complex each scene in your video is. A static slideshow will take 10x less space than an action focused scene with lots of detalils.

You can switch to an average or constant bitrate mode if you want to export to an exact file size. But you shouldn’t want this unless you target a very specific device or reason.

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