2 mlt-files into one mlt-file

I know there are answers to this question - but I don´t understand them. My English isn´t good enough and I am a very, very beginner. And: My first film has to be finished in 10 weeks… So is there someone who can answer “step by step”?

I need the raw cut material to have open filters, filmsequences and tracks - but somehow i dont find how to open a second mlt-file to add it to the first part…

Thank you very much for help. :slight_smile: Soe from Germany



thankyou. but then it is a clip without open filters etc. - thats not what I need… I need to be able to still change the filters, to see the seperate parts of the film in the timeline and to have the seperated tracks.

You can’t

How I deal with this situation:

  1. Open your project and make the Recent tab visible : View menu > Recent
  2. Save your project. If it was not already there, it will be displayed in the Recent tab
  3. Open the MLT file(s) you want to edit, edit, save.

They all will be displayed in the recent tab. Just double-click on any of them to load it in Shotcut.
You can then switch between them rapidly by double-clicking them in the Recent tab.


All edits need to be done in the original MLT, but this is how it’s done

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thank you! but I can only open one file at once? As soon as I open a second, the first dissapears…

Why do you absolutely need to have them both open at the same time ?

I guess you could also run TWO Shotcut windows , open the main project in one and your MLT file in the other.

well, I try to find out how i can bring together all the little filmpieces I have edited and saved as extra-files - without loosing the possibility to change filters i have set. It looks like I have to start from the beginning and have only one filmfile and not many litte pieces… I am a very beginner…

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