2 clips of same length don't fit over each other

weird problem:

i have 2 clips of exact same length (same content but different resolution and one with additional text) and want to blend them together.
When i import them to shotcut timeline they appear with different length.

I had used the clips in another project and suspected the proxies would have to be recalculated, so i deleted all proxies. That helped a little (the difference in length was shorter) but there is still a significant gap. When i look at the properties of the clips they have exactly the same values in speed, duration and frame rate! So i am lost:

In the Properties panel, Duration and Timeline are different lengths by about two seconds. What happens if you drag the right-side handle of the short clip all the way to the right? It looks like the short clip got trimmed somehow.

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Thanks Austin, not sure what really happened.
I tried twice, closed shotcut, and started anew with same weird results.
I closed the project in the meanwhile, so iā€™m not 100% sure if one got truncated somehow, but i doubt it.

I tried again now but this time i dragged both clips into the playlist first, and they differ about one frame.
When i drag them to the timeline it worked this time - they align :slight_smile:

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