1st presentation edited with Shotcut

Dear Shotcut Community,

Presentation shot with Panasonic Lumix G80 and Lumix FZ200 (2nd camera). Audio recorded and improved with Audacity.
One softbox (45W) to lit the subject and one white umbrella (85W) to lit the room. 5500K lamps were used.
Color grading was used with FZ200 footage to match main camera.
Shotcut performed beautifully.

Thank you for watching.


Nice, the color grading looks consistent :+1:t2:

Thanks. This was the first time I shot with the Lumix G80 and the FZ200. I used a 25mm 1.7 lens with the G80 which provided better lit footage. The FZ200’s footage was darker (F2.8 and much smaller sensor) but setting both cameras WB at 5500K helped me to keep things under control.

Right now where I am, the price of this thing is messed up. You can find one at 450$ with free gear at some shops (surprisingly first hand) , and at another 2000$ without gear. I believe they are having a very hard time figuring out how much it costs.
Btw, how much did it cost you for your Panasonic fz200? My local market for this camera is not very understandable to me yet…

Anyways, my 50$ sony W190 is very reliable for me. I love shooting videos in vga quality with no light.

Hi, I bought two FZ200 on EBay; the first cost me £120 and the second £140.
FZ200 shoots good video if you don’t use zoom: too noisy. For shooting interviews at HD resolution it works fine. The Lumix G80/85 with kit lens is the best option for great video at low cost.

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It’s cheaper here through ebay or olx (my country’s alternative to ebay). You can get one second hand for 60 bucks. Although the first hand market is dumb.

I have this setup and totally agree with you.

Indeed I see now :face_with_monocle:
Going to invest some money to buy it, I hope it’s better than my sony W190 that shoots vga.

Everything is better than a Sony W190 lol. If you’re serious about video and willing to invest, I highly recommend the new G9II. I have it also, and the improvement over the G85 is drastic in terms of low light ability, autofocus, and FPS/codec options. Not as cheap as the G85, but worth it if you need the extra features. Although, if long recording times are your thing, the GH7 is rumored to be announced on June 5. All that said, the G85 is still excellent, and I still use it when it will be on a tripod and I don’t need frame rates above 30p.

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The price here for it is 5000$ (around 4,91,000₹) I would definitely buy it, but I am just a little short of money, around 5000$ short.
I mean I could still buy it if I sell both of my kidneys :upside_down_face:

I will just buy it used, it’s for 200$ here.

Wow, that is a huge price difference. I got my G9II new for $1400 on a promo deal. Anyhow, for $200, the G85 is a great choice. It has unlimited 4K recording time with good IBIS and weather sealing. Nothing else in that price range can touch it. If using the 12-60mm f/3.5-5.6 lens that comes with it, just be sure to give it enough light so the image doesn’t turn noisy or grainy. The stock lens is the weak link in low light, not the sensor.

That was indeed a good offer. I know I could get one for 3 or 2.5k, but it would take a lot of time and effort to find it somewhere here. And the unnecessary gst taxes we have to pay, I believe it would be 28% (14% CGST, and 14% more on some other type of GST) on the cameras. So around a grand more in taxes.

Yk, for me to buy a car that’s in US and import to my country, I would have to pay around 100-200% of the car’s price in taxes, and importing cost and car buying cost separately. And to top that off, it’s illegal to modify a car here :slightly_smiling_face:
Ah the smell of freedom I get here :slightly_smiling_face:
I believe I would have to pay more taxes than what I earn in the near future.

Experimenting with different setups is all part of the fun and learning process in photography and videography.

There are two reasons why I bought a 25mm f 1.7 prime lens: it was a cheaper than the kit lens and it would perform better in low light conditions.
I will buy the kit lens this month but I am also planning to buy later on a 12mm or a 14mm prime wide lens to shoot video podcasts… 25mm is OK but I need a wider lens…
the Panasonic Lumix G 14mm f/2.5 is an option but to keep costs low, probably, I will buy a manual focus lens. Some Chinese lenses are surprisingly good.