1920x1080 Grids for Glaxnimate

One thing missing in Glaxnimate at the moment is the option to display a grid in the preview.
Until the developers implement this feature, I use homemade grids that I import in Glaxnimate with the Add Image option in the File menu.


It works when you use Glaxnimate to create animations (Open Other > Animation (Glaxnimate)) and also when you use it to create masks (Mask: Draw (Glaxnimate) filter).

I made the grids in 4 colors

You can enable/disable the grid at any time with the Hide button in the timeline (or in the Layers panel)


They can help in many situations, but of course, they are not as convenient as real in-app grids.

  • You’re stuck with a 30px x 30px grid.
  • Nothing will snap to the lines or the intersections.
  • When you change the zoom level in the preview, the thickness of the lines in the grid will also increase/decrease.
  • And the biggest flaw: When the preview is zoomed at less than 100%, some of the lines won’t show on the screen.

So they are not perfect, but they sure can help when you try to align objects or when you try to draw symmetric shapes.

EDIT: I added a link to download Safe Areas (80/90% and EBU R95, same as in Shotcut)

Grab them if you want them. They are free.
Glaxnimate-Grids-1920x1080.zip (11.3 KB)
Glaxnimate-Safe-Areas-1920x1080.zip (3.6 KB)


Thanks for sharing!

What I think Glaxnimate is missing is a feature for Safe Areas. Since Shotcut has two kinds of Safe Areas, Glaxnimate should have them also. Those would be very useful when going to Glaxnimate to create something that is meant to be used in Shotcut and do all of the positioning there rather than having to readjust them in Shotcut afterward to fall within the safe lines.

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Looks like a great way to do it. :slight_smile:

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80/90% and EBU R95 safe areas ZIP file added.
Thanks for the reminder. I forgot about them.

Thanks @david.lyon

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Nice! :+1:

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