19.07 Message about Export progress?

I’ve exported a video of two identical format video clips
on the timeline (only one track).

During the exporting,
I did not see any progress bar or message,
so I just go output folder and check the result,
first checking was failed, but wait for about half a minute,
I checked it again, it successed!

So, if ShortCut could give user some info about the progress,
it would be very nice, thank for ShortCut and your efforts!

CTRL + 0 for add the “Jobs” panel
or clic on “Jobs” icon
or menu > View > Jobs

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Thank you very much! Your instruction really help me :smiley:!

Also, when an export job starts, it automatically opens the jobs panel for you. Maybe it was in a tab such as under Recent or History, and you clicked one of these to hide it.

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Thank you very much for your nice instruction :grinning: !

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