19.04.30 More Bugs?

Found what I think are bugs in latest 19.04.30 running on Mac 10.12.6
My projects are always set to 1080i 25fps

1) Convert to edit friendly fails depending on input:

Tried with fixed frame rate clip in XDCAM ok
Tried with variable frame rate clip in h.264 fails

What could have a bearing is that the XDCAM clip has audio, whilst the h.264 does not.


It seems that the problem lies with the audio, or rather the lack of it.
I see that SC does not pass the parameter/option “-map 0:a?” for audio.
Once I add the “?”, it converts no problem irrespective if the clip has an audio track or not.

2) Interlacing issues

Prores in a mov still gets interlacing field order wrong.
XDCAM in a mov also seems to be either wrong or flagged wrong.
XDCAM in a mxf is correct.
DNxHD in a mov and mxf are correct.

3) Export progress indicator often stops

Will often stop (percentage and time) then suddenly update another 10% or so, amount seems to vary.
The clips are exported successfully but it’s very disconcerting to see the update often stop.

This was already fixed for the next release.

3) Export progress indicator often stops

This was already fixed as well.

2) Interlacing issues

OK, not sure I will get around to these before next release. It will be helpful if you can see from the generated export XML if you see a problem, or if you can reproduce the bug in ffmpeg command line.


Thank you for fixing those bugs.

As regards the XDCAM interlacing, I get no errors with either SC or ffmpeg and therefore believe it’s an ffmpeg issue flagging the clips incorrectly.
My workaround is to export an OP1a mxf and don’t use mov anymore.

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