19.01.24 not working with keyframes & text correctly


not 100% sure if this is the right place to report this… However: I’ve just upgraded to 19.01.24 (great work!!) and I found an issue that I wanted to report:

I’m often using the simple text filter to add some descriptions to my videos and usually I use keyframes to move the text a little over time. With this new update, the text is no longer moving, however.

  • Going back to 18.12.15 resolves the issue (but that version is a little unstable in my experience).
  • The ‘pre-sets’ (of text entering / leaving the screen etc…) have the same issue as custom keyframes
  • The issue is present in the preview as well as the finished render: the text box is moving (in the preview) but the contents stay in the same place

So it seems to me something went wrong with the update :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!


Thanks, I reproduced it with a clip on the Timeline that is not the first clip or clip in Source has in point > 0.

I found the source of this bug and working on the fix. I will make a new release asap because it is a big enough regression in my opinion.

How come the 19.01 version was released before the 7 day minimum of beta testing was up?

Many Linux users were suffering from a crash on startup bug in the past 2 versions.

Sounds like that called for this:

There will only be another beta released if there is a critical problem that needs confirmation from testers after the fix.

You’re correct: it was not the first clip… thanks for identifying the details.

Looking forward to the next version!

Version 19.01.27 is available now with this fix.

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Amazing! Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s great service @shotcut. Thank you.

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