17.06.01 crashes when working with portrait videos - Windows 10

My first post and it is a complaint, not a good start!
I have just installed on an Intel i7-4470 3.40 Ghz 12GB 64bit Windows 10 Home desktop.
Shotcut really looks good and works a treat 'provided all your original video clips are in landscape mode’

I have many short iPhone videos and iPad videos all of which are .mov files.
The vast majority of the iPhone videos are in portrait format whilst the iPad videos are in landscape format.
Shotcut will load both the landscape and portrait files in the playlist and play them, does not matter if they are of mixed format or in a random order.

If I drag the first file to the timeline Shotcut crashes whether it is a portrait or landscape clip. However, if I load just landscape files to the playlist and then drag them to the timeline Shotcut works well as it was designed to do. Having just portrait files in the playlist crashes Shotcut when attepting to add the first file to the timeline.

Bottom line is, Shotcut will not work with videos shot in portrait mode.

No issue here with vertical video from my LG G4.
I’ve often used Shotcut to scale and crop my vertical clips.

Can you make one of your files available for testing?

.mov file (53mb) can be downloaded from here http://micklord.com/testpage/

I have found a workaround using another program (Openshot) to convert the portrait style .mov files to .mp4. I can now add these to the timeline without Shotcut crashing.

Looks like Shotcut does not like playing with portrait mode .mov files

I was hoping to uninstall Openshot in favour of using Shotcut :disappointed:

Dragging your file from the Preview window crashed Shotcut.
But dragging from the Playlist is fine. Try that?

It is getting a little more complicated Steve.
I can confirm what you have found in a roundabout way.

Initially I was opening the file from the File/Open File menu or the Open File icon on the toolbar which brought up the Windows File Explorer window where I chose the file and clicked on the open button. Once I had the file in the Playlist adding it to the timeline caused an immediate crash. Doing the same thing again but adding it from the preview window caused a crash.

Watching your video (thank you), I see that you dragged and dropped the file onto the playlist.
So I opened Windows File Explorer and then dragged the file from there and dropped it on the playlist.
I now get the same result you did, dragging from the playlist to the timeline is ok, dragging fom the preview window crashes the program.

Opening the .mp4 version of the file from the File menu or Open File icon does not cause a problem. It can be dragged from the playlist or preview window and dropped on the timeline without a problem, drag and drop from Windows File Explorer is also fine.

It just seems to be a combination of .mov file, opening within windows file explorer and the playlist/preview window.

I also think there maybe an issue with the rotation of .mov files from the iPhone that could be upsetting Shotcut. When .mov files are loaded on the windows pc I am sure their native format is landscape mode(people on their side as in the video I sent).
I use ACDSee to catalogue images/videos and the videos are always shown as landscape thumbnails but the program rotates them automatically when they play. Similarly Openshot loads the file in landscape mode in the playlist and preview window and once it is in the timeline you then have to rotate it manually to the vertical. All other windows software I have automatically rotates the file in both thumbnails and play back.

When I get time tomorrow I will take a small video with the iPad in portrait mode and see if it shows the same problem as the iPhone videos. The iPhone belongs to my daughter so I don’t have access to it or know much about it, she just uploads the images to my iPad and then I put them on the pc to sort them out for her.

Thanks for you time.

Bad etiquette replying to my own post, but I have just tried the portrait format with the iPad and it does give the same results as the videos from the iPhone.

So obviously a problem somewhere manipulating .mov files in taken in portrait mode.

I just tried a vertical [portrait] video using an Olympus M43 camera. It saves as .MOV
They too load into any Windows media player as landscape and so too into ShotCut.
They cannot be made to crash Shotcut.
I suspect, as you do - that the orientation flag in those mobile device .MOV files is upsetting Shotcut. AKA: A Bug.

Thanks for trying something else Steve.

I think we have narrowed it down as much as possible. I can live with the slight quirkiness, it will be remembering how to do it in the future as Shotcut will probably be a program that i will not be using day in and day out. I have other software that you have to remember to do things in a certain way as well.
Oh, why aren’t things simple. :grin::grin::grin:

Closing this as old, someone bumped it with spam, and Shotcut works fine with portrait videos.